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Meet Our Authors

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Willow Hewett

WILLOW HEWETT is a 28-year-old mother of two, who lives in the smallest city in the country. She began
her writing career at the young age of seven and has been writing short stories ever since, but it wasn’t
until 2021 that she decided to write for others.

Last year alone, her stories have been published in magazines internationally, and have even appeared
on podcasts such as ‘Pocketpulp’ and ‘Openbookpod’. She came second place in a writing competition,
which will also be going into an anthology. Her stories have been shortlisted from multiple writing
competitions and she is currently writing the second novel to her YA book series ‘Past My Time’. With
her love of films and TV series, she decided to delve into the world of script writing, which she has won
one international script competition for her comedy script ‘Tick Tock’, and she has also come second
place in ‘London’s International Script Competition’ with her TV drama script called ‘Supercilious’. Her
love for creating thriller/horror stories knows no bounds, and she continues to create suspenseful
masterpieces for her readers.

She is the founder of ‘Storiesthatspook’, where she writes short thriller/horror stories for her audience
to read. She currently has over 20,000 readers from all around the world.
She writes in her spare time, working around her job as a carer and her two small children. Hence, why
it took about 11 years for her book ‘Past My Time- The Witch’s Curse’ to be finished. She likes to thank
her adorable children for prolonging her finishing the book. She is currently writing an adventure book
series aimed at young adults. The series is called ‘Past My Time’, which will involve 3-4 more books of
romance, adventure, and suspense.

She is also writing another series of picture books called ‘The Wishy-Washy, Curly-Wurly Dragon’ aimed
at children aged between 3-7 years old. The adventure picture books target everyday problems for
young children who are different from today’s society, which will be published in 2024.

Lou Hotchkiss-Knives

LOU HOTCHKISS-KNIVES is a teacher, author, witch, lyricist and punk singer. Born in France, she currently lives in Devonshire, UK. She has been featured in several  publications and occult anthologies including Women of Babalon, Songs of the Black Flame, Slutcake, the Gloucestershire Poetry Society journal, Muted, Tales from the Tarot and Voices from the Ashes. After 12 years of fronting the Riot Grrrl quatuor Husbands N Knives, she is currently writing and singing for her punk band WAGS to Wytches and performs in the pirate act The Boarding Crew. Her interests include History, poetry, the Tarot, languages, witchcraft, vintage fashion, roses and gazing at beautiful people.

Wags to Wytches

The Boarding Crew


Kathy Sharp

Kathy Sharp is a writer and artist, and lives by the sea in Weymouth. She is a lifelong lover of plants of all kinds, and takes inspiration from the Dorset landscape.
Kathy says: "When I first began writing fiction, I asked myself what exactly it was I wanted to achieve. The answer came back, 'Something magical!' Since then, I have looked for that sense of the magical in all my writing and artwork."

Patricia Sumner

Patricia Sumner has loved creative writing ever since she was very young. As an adult, she was lucky enough to study under the poet and author Dr Gladys Mary Coles among other writers.

Pat worked as a primary school teacher for ten years, specialising in English and SEN. She now runs her own writing, editing and proofreading business ( She is also a children’s author ( 

She has written and had published children’s picture books, adventure stories and factual books for children, educational resources on creative writing, and prize-winning poetry and plays.  

Pat and her family live in beautiful North Wales. 

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