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Odd things happen all the time on the Isle of Larus, but the islanders are more than a little rattled when a half-dead stranger washes ashore in an open boat. He is surely a merman, isn’t he? The Reverend Pontius, the island’s self-important eastern guardian, bustles down to restore order and a bit of common sense. Of course he’s not a merman – look, no gills, no tail. He has lungs and legs like everybody else.
The Reverend nurses the stranger back to health, but he is keen to solve the mystery surrounding his new friend. Has he been sent to them by the mischievous Spirit of the Sea? As more strange things happen, the Reverend tries to puzzle it out. Is there a purpose behind it all, or is it another of the Spirit’s practical jokes?
 Join the Reverend Pontius as he struggles with the clues in this delightful sequel to Call of the Merry Isle.

The Merman

SKU: 9781916756038
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