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About Us

Diane Narraway


DIANE NARRAWAY - is the co- owner of Veneficia Publications, Ginger Fyre Press and Highschool Horror, the latter being written by Young Adults for Young Adults. Her work with Ginger Fyre Press has included working with Guinness World Record Holder, Bella J Dark, and the innovative Molly Brooks-Dridge, whose ADHD Guide is one of their highest sellers. 

As a writer she has been involved in several projects of her own, as well as publishing others including 22: Opus Arcana, Tales of the Tarot - a fictional anthology centred around the Major Arcana, So Do We Have a Deal - a dark fiction anthology, and the best-selling anthology Voices from the Ashes: resurrecting the Wytch. She has also written two poetry collections: Diane Narraway, Quite Funny, A Bit Sexy, and Slightly Profound and Exquisite Sin, a beautiful collection of dark gothic poetry centred around the romance of the Vampyre. She has recently released a novella, Twisted Spell. Although a fictional tale it focusses on a unique historical event from the UK Isle of Portland. She also has released part one of her original sci -fi, Devolution trilogy, Book1 Exodus. Narraway has also contributed articles and essays on a variety of subjects; most of which are of interest to the pagan/occult communities. These include Clan Dolmen Chronicles and Artemis Magazine. She also writes short stories, poetry and rituals. She is the initiator, editor and one of the authors of the comprehensive and innovative anthology Lucifer Light of the Aeon (Black Moon Publishing) and the Luciferian poetry anthology Songs of the Black Flame (Black Moon Publishing) as well as contributing an essay on 'Lucifer' to Mishlen Linden’s anthology Women of Babalon (Black Moon Publishing) and was a contributor to the Occult Digest (Black Moon Publishing). She has written a children's book Magickal Tales to Delight and Inspire which is due for release on Ginger Fyre Press. She has contributed to Blessed Trinity, a dark fantasy fiction anthology (Dark Moon Press). 

Narraway also wrote her own script for Dolmen Productions Infernal Theatre in which she played a significant role. She has also written lyrics for Celtic rock band the Dolmen, including the title track of their album Nuada.

Her work with the Clan Dolmen Chronicles has involved working alongside many writers from a variety of different paths and countries. Clan Dolmen Chronicles is both innovative, and at times controversial often featuring subjects and topics which other Pagan magazines avoid. It is a free resource, and as such is available to everyone and which over the years has attracted a great many readers.  As a result, Clan Dolmen Chronicles was nominated for Pagan Events best Pagan Magazine 2019. 

She is an event organiser and international speaker, regularly speaking at various events around the UK and Europe. a Last year she was one of the speakers at the Occulture Conference in Berlin. This year she is already booked at several events including the Wild Witchcraft Conference, the Arts of Magic Workshop in Turin, along with several Clan Dolmen and other UK events.


Marisha Kiddle


MARISHA KIDDLE - is the co-owner of Veneficia Publications, Ginger Fyre Press and Highschool Horror. Prior to this, she had already worked with Diane; contributing several articles to Clan Dolmen Chronicles on a variety of topics. Marisha also has a significant background in retail management and administration. It was this background, combined with her love of writing that led to the formation of Veneficia Publications.

Marisha's sole focus was initially on the administrative needs of Veneficia Publications, and while this is still her official role, she has also contributed short stories for several of Veneficia Publication's anthologies. Marisha was co-creator of their most significant anthology Voices from the Ashes: Resurrecting the Wytch, which has been hailed as both an innovative and important book. Their newest anthology, The Deadly 7 based on the 7 deadly sins, was initially Marisha’s idea. 

Marisha Kiddle is also an artist and historian. Some of her original artwork is featured in Voices from the Ashes.

Marisha has a huge input in their imprint Ginger Fyre Press, as someone who has worked with children for a number of years.


Outside of Veneficia Publications she has spent 13 years working with children as a Brownie, and Guide Assistant Leader. 

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