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The Promise of Dawn: Rites of Passage for all Beliefs contains sensitive and beautifully crafted readings and poems for all of life's milestones, from birth to death. Whether you're planning a wedding, the celebration of a birth/naming ceremony, or a funeral, there will be readings in this collection that will resonate with you. With an emphasis on the wonder and sanctity of nature, you'll want to keep this collection close at hand to see you through life's highs and lows.

The Promise of Dawn

SKU: 9781914071744
  • The promise of solace and comfort.

    This is a beautifully written collection of writing and poems for life's events. I found that this book is perfect for those personal 'quiet, reflective ' moments, and has given me comfort in times of stress. I believe it could also be a mine of possible readings for celebrants to a congregation.  Jim G

    Beautiful and evocative

    In her book ‘The Promise of Dawn’, Patricia Sumner uses language beautifully and evocatively to help us mark and celebrate all the important stages of our lives. Her poems, passages and blessings connect us with the spirituality of deep thinkers, people of faith, and the mysteries of nature. She makes us more aware of the grace that accompanies our own journey through life and death, and suggests ways to share these key moments with others.  E. L.

    I would highly recommend!

    The poems in this book are beautiful. I love the concept of poems for different stages in life and different beliefs. Very original and wonderfully put together.  Stephen Jenkins

    Insightful and moving!!

    Bought this for my daughter's handfasting, the blessing was wonderful for all present and fit the occasion beutifuly, I think the rest of the poems will be appropriate for a host of other occasions too. Thoroughly enjoyable.  Allan Bronson

    A marvellous book that doesn't pull its poetical and spiritual punches

    I think this is a sensitive and skilfully crafted book aimed at those of us who want to feel that words lift us above ordinary life. I love Patricia Sumner's sense of nature. I loved the way the words flowed from the page and through my mind, and the way they lifted my spirits. Well worth the cost.  Sarah Tubbs

    A collection of beautiful poems that say what needs to be said.

    Such a delightful and valuable little book. I can’t think of any event in my life that wouldn’t find the right verse in this collection.Catriona A. Waters

    A beautiful book full of beauty and wisdom

    This book is full of shimmering beauty and wisdom. It has poems and readings for life's celebrations and tragedies - Birth and Naming Ceremonies, Coming of Age and Leaving Home, Handfasting and Marriage, Miscarriage and the Death of a Child, Celebrating Children and Birthdays, Middle Age and Gaining Wisdom and Funerals and Mourning. The writing left me smiling and then crying. Patricia Sumner takes you on a profound journey that is full of love, honesty and compassion.  Diana Sanders

    Excellent informative book

    I purchased this book to help me during my interfaith minister studies. It has given me alot of great ideas for the various ceremonies that I undertake, from marriage to funerals and everything in between. As an interfaith minister in training, I can use the many verses for all beliefs.
    The book is well written and easy to read. The author has used a boarder around each page which for me makes it easier on my eyes.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending this book. Its by far one of the best I have read and a resource I will use time after time.  Mike

    This book is now my 'reach-for book' for all of life's celebrations and events.

    Finding the right words to use at life events can be so difficult, especially at extremely emotive times. The complexities of wanting to incorporate and reflect the many differing voices of family and loved ones in readings and poetry can be tricky. Having experienced this first hand several times, and usually when highly emotional, I know it can be a challenge. I love this book as it leans towards nature, so it eliminates many of the difficulties of incorporating varying views and beliefs. As a designer, I'm often asked for my opinion on readings and I frequently find myself caught up in discussions about poetry and music for special occasions. This book is now my 'reach-for book' for all of life's celebrations and events.  Darren Edwards

    Every home needs a copy!

    I am training for ministry within the Anglican faith, and as such I am often asked by people, not just from Christian backgrounds, but also from wider backgrounds, for my input at various life events, and I have been quick to refer them to Pat's book. Drawing on our connection to the divine through nature, Pat provides the right words and tone to for all occasions. The promise of Dawn is a collection which gives comfort and inspiration and would be a blessing to any family whether celebrating joyous events such as naming day/christenings, or in moments of grief at the loss of a loved one. Thank-you Pat, you have made my job a whole lot easier.  Rebecca Ratcliffe


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