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**Please Note**

Unfortunately we  are not taking any new submissions at present.

Processing time currently stands at 18 months from contract and release.

 As writers, we know the importance of good editing and proof reading.

All our services involve working alongside the author to provide a polished MSS ready for publishing. 

We will accept MSS (Manuscripts) from anywhere in the world and it is assumed that all MSS regardless of genre will be written in English, and that the author will have a good grasp of the English language, spelling, and grammar. 

MSS must be formatted with 1.5 spacing between the lines and must use a legible font such as Baskerville Roman, Garamond or similar with single spacing after a period.

All MSS must have an accompanying email which is to include the authors full name, contact details and introduction to their work.

For fiction and non-fiction, we require either the first two chapters or the first 25 pages along with a brief synopsis and estimated final word count.
For Poetry, Journals and Recipe books the first 10 pages with an accompanying synopsis. 


If we accept your MSS for publishing then we work with you as editors and proof readers at no cost and we will pay royalties at 10% per book for the first 5000 copies sold and 13% per book thereafter. This may increase to 15% if sales are steady.

Submit online today.

We only publish original MSS




For adult fiction submissions please email
For Childrens Book Submissions please email
For teenage horror by a teenager submission please email
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