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Ginger Fyre Authors

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Charlotte Moore

Charlotte Moore is a British author who was born in Belgium and grew up in Hampshire, where she lives today. As a child she loved to draw, often copying out characters from children’s books for fun.
The Life of a Honeybee is the first book in a series of planned publications about different animals, which combine Charlotte’s passion for drawing with her love of wildlife. She does all of the illustrations, research, and story writing for her books.

Her involvement as a Rainbows leader within the Girl Guiding Association and various experiences working and engaging with children has been Charlotte’s inspiration for wanting to produce a series of books that are both educational and fun for young children. 

Kate Knight

Kate Knight is the writer and illustrator of the new children’s book series featuring Woody and Louis and The Big Yellow Thing, and Woody and Louis Find a New Home. With over two decades of raising children, Kate focuses on fundamental social issues that are necessary to address, such as the normalisation of homosexuality to positively impact children’s ability to accept others. Kate has had a passion for writing from a very young age, creating exciting new worlds and adventures for her readers

Molly Brooks-Dridge

Molly Brooks-Dridge Was born and bred in Hampshire, where she still lives.
After being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at a late age, Molly decided to become an advocate for others with ADHD and runs blogs on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube called Me Myself and ADHD to raise awareness.
Molly wrote her first book called Me Myself and ADHD to share her experiences through school in the hope that others with the same condition could relate and benefit from any advice. All artwork is Molly’s amazing talent. 
Molly loves spending time with her family and her dog Woody.

LH Headshot.jpg
Lindsay Heiman

Lindsay Heiman is an American award-winning screenwriter and newfound author hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She currently lives in Los Angeles and works at Warner Brothers as an Executive Assistant to a TV Writer/Producer.

Lindsay obtained degrees in Screenwriting and Creative Writing from the University of Miami and a TV Writing Certificate from UCLA. She has a passion for LGBT narrative storylines and sketch comedy. In her downtime, she can be found either writing or playing with her dog, Duck, eating ice cream, and binge-watching television. 

Bella J Dark

Bella J Dark is an exceptionally talented and highly motivatedwriter. She was just 5 years old when she became a Guinness world record holder as the youngest female author with her pre-school book ‘The Lost Cat.’

Only a year later, she released her second book with Ginger Fyre Press ‘Snowy’s Birthday Party. ’She is currently working on her third book featuring Snowy the cat.

Bella not only writes her own stories, but she illustrates them too.The Snowy the cat series was inspired by her own cats.

Her first book, the Lost Cat is available in English, Dutch, French, German, and Swedish.

Lost Cat - Bella J Dark.jpg
Christine J Delahay

Christine Delahay is the author and illustrator of the children’s fantasy novel Misty Morgan Witch of Elphame. The first book of an intended trilogy about a young girl called Misty who is living a troubled life until she discovers she has magical abilities. A new world opens up around her and she embarks on an adventure that is filled with excitement and danger. The page turning adventure is not just centred on her own self-discovery, but also on those around her. The interesting, funny and relatable characters will engage the reader and ultimately enhance their imagination. There is a definitive morality throughout the story which clearly separates good from bad, and allows the reader to clearly see the difference.
Born in South Wales, Christine has been painting and drawing her whole life, until more recently when she discovered a love for writing. The story of Misty Morgan was written as a way to share her creative inner world and encourage the reader to aspire to be themselves and reach their full potential.
A mental health nurse for thirty years and a natural story teller, she has drawn her inspiration from her life experiences, desire to understand the world and her love of magic and mystery. 
She lives in the Vale of Glamorgan with her partner Charlie and two cats Shadow and Merlin.

Ron Dawson

Ron Dawson had a long, varied and distinguished career in education specialising particularly in the education and management of children with Special educational Needs. He worked as a teacher, researcher, psychologist, principal lecturer, Educational Inspector and author. On his retirement Ron Dawson turned to writing fictional works for both adults and children. He also wrote and composed a song of remembrance which inspired him to create, write and produce ‘the Lest We Forget National WW1 Centennial Children’s Remembrance Concert’ at the NEC in Birmingham on the third of November, 2018.     

He is the author of the ‘Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton’ series of books for children which are being published by Ginger Fyre Press:

1) The Lost Dog and Bone,

2) The Pirates of Brownsea Island,

3) The Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Coast,

4) The Wacky Withches of Wareham and the Wizard of Corfe Castle,

5) The Nasty Romans of Maiden Castle,

6) The Knights and Dragon of Durlston Head.​

Ron Dawson was born Ronald Wheeler in Birmingham’s Dudley Road Hospital in 1940. At the age of two, he was adopted by Tommy Dawson, a canal boatman and his wife Henrietta and his surname name was changed to Dawson. The couple raised him and four of their own children on the giant Kingstanding council housing estate.

Tommy, his adopted father had been born on the canal and most of his working life was a carrier on the canals. After the Second World War transport by the inland waters diminished almost to the point of extinction and he finished his working life as a dredger on one of the last horse drawn narrow boats operating on the midland canals. During this work he was based at Padgett’s Canal Dredgers which was situated on the Tame Valley Canal at the point where the canal goes under the College Road within sight of the Boar’s Head public house.

Ron began work as a butcher’s boy and for the next nine years he had a succession of short-lived jobs, ranging from building site labourer, window cleaner, soft-drinks delivery man, and power-press operator to door-to-door salesman.

An interest in History and a serious motorcycle accident led him study for and gain a sufficient number of GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels to gain entry to St. Peter’s College, Saltley, in Birmingham to train as a history teacher. It was during this training that he wrote this history of the building of the first Birmingham Canal as a mark of his gratitude and appreciation to both his father and mother for giving him their love and a home. He went on to gain the degrees of BA., M.Sc., and PhD., mainly by part-time study. He became a Research and Chartered Psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He has worked as a LEA and OFSTED Inspector, and was Principal Lecturer for post-graduate awards and Head of Special Needs and Habilitation in what is now the University of Winchester.

He has numerous academic and research based publications, many focused upon behavioural and emotional difficulties.  His first book ‘Special Provision for Disturbed Pupils’ was published as part of the Schools Council Research Studies in 1980 by Macmillan Education. His Teacher Information Pack (Tips), also published by Macmillan Education, embraced the whole range of Special Educational Needs and was described as an ‘Opus Magnum’ in a professional psychological journal review. He also wrote two books to teach children Hand writing as part of the Macmillan Success 'Series. 'His interest in child development led him to create the Baby Progress Guides, a pack of materials designed for parents to assess and promote their babies development up to the age of two years.

He also wrote a regular satirical column, ‘The Dawson File’, for Special Children magazine.

On his retirement Ron began to write fictional books for both children and adults. He has written two novels and six story books for children. He also wrote and composed a song of remembrance which inspired him to create, write and produce ‘the Lest We Forget National Children’s Remembrance Concert’ at the NEC in Birmingham on the third of November, 2018, to commemorate the Centenary of the First Word War Armistice.    

Gary Arms

Born long ago. Married his true love, Susie. Two kids. Taught literature classes at a small college for many years. Retired. Wrote some books and plays and poems. Lazy. Likes to read. Fond of bourbon.

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