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We are pleased to announce Ginger Fyre Press' new children's book written by Kate Knight.  “Woody and Louis & the Big Yellow Thing” which is the first in a series of entertaining children's books; focusing on a variety of social and environmental issues. It is beautifully written and illustrated.
And a thoroughly enchanting enjoyable children’s book.

Woody And Louis And The Big Yellow Thing

SKU: 9781914071287
  • “Very Good!”

    Excellent book for youngsters and so lovely to see that it broaches the subject of environmental issues whilst using colour and fun for young children. - EMMA SEMPLE

    “Fun and educational”

    I have this book for my little boy who is almost 2 and he loves reading it with me! Some parts even make him giggle. He loves the bright and colourful pictures and I love the way it attempts to tackles social issues. - GEORGYA KNIGHT

    “Excellent book for teaching children about the environment”

    I have bought this book for my daughter and I love the fun way in which it addresses social issues such as recycling and gender equality. The illustrations are great and I love all of the characters! Great addition to the book shelf. - Kelly Dolan

    “Our Playgroup children loved it!”

    We saw Kate Knight's request on Instagram for reviewers for her book 'Woody and Louis and The Big Yellow Thing', so we contacted her. The children at playgroup were delighted to receive the book in the post. They enjoyed the story, the colourful illustrations and meeting the characters. As we are striving to be environmentally friendly, we have been discussing recycling as part of our planned themes and topics. We also participate in a variety of nature crafts, learning more about living things and our immediate environment and so we will be able enjoy this story again. Thank you. - lynn mccullough

    “Perfect for small ones!”

    My 3 and a half year old loves this book! Perfect length to keep his attention but tackles modern day issues in a fun way! 100% recommend! - Sianna Elgar

    “Pleasant read!”

    I read this to my Year 2 class today, they giggled at the characters, listened intently to the recycling element and enjoyed the illustrations. I would say this book would be suitable for younger children 4-5 who are starting out their journeys in understanding
    environmental matters but overall an enjoyable read and it’s staying in our book corner for years to come! Thank you. - Maisie Moran



    The colours and quality of images are enough to engage young readers. The story is short enough to keep those young readers focused. A lovely book, that brushes just enough on tough subjects without ruining the feel of a good read. I can't wait for the next book to be released. - Jacqueline Fabian

    “Great book!”

    My children love this book! My 4 year old grasped the concept straight away and encouraged discussion about recycling and looking after the earth, great read - Amy Dolan

    “Woody and Louis”

    I brought this story for my 2 year old grandson and he loves it. Am planning on collecting the whole series for him. Amazing! - Jane Parker

    “Woody and Louis and the Big Yellow Thing”

    A brilliant book that focuses on important issues that need to be addressed in this society. Am amazing read! - Holly Knight

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