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Meet Heather the honeybee in this beautifully illustrated storybook.

Unlike other book's this storybook has a twist!  It has a story, bee facts and colouring pages throughout.

Written and illustrated by Charlotte Moore.

The Life Of A Honeybee

SKU: 9781914071294

    This is an amazing book. Unique because it can be enjoyed across so many ages. Younger children will enjoy the story about Heather the Honey Bee, whilst older children will be amazed by the many facts about Bees, which make this book extremely educational. There are colouring pages for those who enjoy having a bit of activity too. As an adult reader, I have learnt a lot about Bees myself.

    I am excited for Charlotte Moore's next books .... if they are as good as this one, I will be buying them all!!    by Toni Mann

    “A great educational journey”

    This lovely book has everything. It is a great storybook about Heather the Honeybee, Heather takes you on a journey through her life cycle and explains the workings of the hive and her relationships with her fellow bees. There was a lot I didn’t know!
    This also has colouring pages throughout making it very different to a standard story book.
    I am looking forward to reading about more mini beasts as the collection grows.    by Rachel Warner

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