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This is a selection of poetry, some of which is funny, some of which is sexy or romantic, albeit quite dark.  The final section is more spiritually profound in one way or another. Diane Narraway's poetry is not sweet, dreamy or conventional but then neither is she!  Her  poetry reflects  her tongue in cheek attitude as well as her deeper more intuitive side.   This is not poetry is not for the conventional poetry lover - if you're looking for Wordsworth you'll be sorely disappointed.

Quite Funny A Bit Sexy & Slightly Profound

  • Some poets have lived. And it shows. Diane delivers her spoken words like John Cooper Clarke. I know because I’ve seen and heard and it is what it is, unashamedly, coming from a place of deep respect both for the poetic craft and the reader with its accessible style of language that makes you smile a familiar smile almost immediately. 'Dear councillor Johnson/ I wish to complain/ About those two witches/ From next door again. '
    In deeper places, I have a sense of the poet and the reader reclining in a familiar chair, perhaps with 'half closed eyes' listening to sounds that they know they have heard before somewhere, they 'softly whisper / their timeless song' through the landscapes, dreams, places, people, archetypes portrayed here, given form and expressed in words of truth, both soothing and painfully-wise.
    Sam R Geraghty

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