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The 'zombie apocalypse' is over and has been for some time. As the country tries to recover from the chaos, zombies and survivors live in as close to harmony as they're able, but old divisions continue to bubble beneath the surface. Ronnie Thanatos isn't a very good zombie. He suffers from the usual trappings that come with being a member of the undead, but he isn't tough, he isn't cool, and he certainly isn't scary. Zombies are supposed to be scary, aren't they? When he learns of the existence of a mysterious man of science, who is believed to have started the zombie outbreak, Ronnie sets off on a journey towards the country's former capital, the dreadful and benighted 'necropolis', in search of answers. Joined by his faithful friends Nate and Bridget, Ronnie travels across the desolate landscape, meeting strange and interesting people, putting his courage to the test, and learning the importance of everyone being 'different but all the same'.

Zombie Nerd and the Half Term Harrowing

SKU: 9781914071045
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