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Ireland in the early 1900s is a dangerous place to be, The Black and Tans are an unregulated force against the common man and have been let loose, hunting dissenters and torturing anyone who might have a complaint about British rule. Times are hard and people are fearful. Bridie, like her mother before her, has a way with animals, especially horses. It’s a gift; one which her father wants her to keep hidden. A gift the locals call witchcraft. A gift which comes at a price. A gift which can and will be exploited by the more powerful around her. Bridie is an exceptionally skilled rider and catches the eye of the owner of a powerful English racing stable. Her skills could earn them a fortune and they are determined to have her, but women are not allowed to race. This book is a story of the Troubles in Ireland in the early 1900s, told through the eyes of the children who grew up immersed in it. It’s a story of hardship, loss, and survival, but most of all, it’s a story of family and love.

The Home Straight

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