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Would you like to understand your love life better? Do you fall in love with seemingly impossible people? Can you make the transition from being in love to a long-term fulfilling relationship? Then this is the book for you. The planets Venus and Mars represent the principles of love and sexual attraction. Together they describe what we look for and need in our relationships and the kind of people we attract. The more we can understand ourselves and others, the more likely we are to form rewarding an This was the first book to focus specifically d satisfying relationships. on Venus and Mars and broke new ground when it was first published. It continues to offer in depth psychological insight into relationship patterns. The astrological framework covers all possible human behaviour and shows how various scenarios unfold throughout the life and how these experiences enable us to grow and develop. Babs Kirby and Janey Stubbs are co-authors of Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns—a Psychological Approach.

Love & Sexuality

SKU: 9781914071959
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