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Inside the Seventh Wave is a psychological thriller set on an enigmatic island where myth and reality collide - Jack Powys sets out to place all the island stories into one volume but soon finds himself drawn into a world where nothing is as it appears.

Inside the seventh wave

SKU: 9781916044746
  • BLS

    I really loved this book, which will be re-read with delight, so much so that I bought a second copy for my daughter. Knowing Portland (in Dorset) very well, having lived and worked there and in neighbouring places most of my life, I could picture and hear everything. Much research has obviously gone into this to be able to weave local history, folk lore and geography so wonderfully well. I have rarely felt so in touch with a book. The characters are amazingly clear, the author has a clear depth of understanding in all the issues in the storyline. Portland is very special place, oozing with character, Mr Hawker has really honoured it. Excellent.


    Graham Venn

    An incredible interweaving tale told in the voices four characters embroiled in truths, half truths, lies and myth that had me hooked from the first few lines. Each character's voice is clearly distinctive as if this is a collection of separate recollections, not one author writing four perspectives, which draws you emotionally ever deeper, into each individual tale.


    Catherine Wilkinson

    A cleverly written book which twists and turns unexpectedly. The depiction of Rowens struggle with depression was fabulous and the dark and sinister character of Claude was a disturbing insight into a predators mind set without graphic detail, leaving the reader to “picture” the scene. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.


     HG Wey

    This book was gripping. Well written, with characters that are so well described you feel like you know them. Well worth the read.




    It was complex, but gripping once I understood the perception of the main character.
    It was his odyssey that I followed throughout his unexpected journey.


    fantastic book throughly enjoyed reading this 😀





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