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Dialectic is a beautifully crafted poetical journey which narrates the path through the double-edged nature of all enquiry and spiritual path-hood. It incorporates the musings, meditations, doubts, insights, odes and adorations of the poet through the valleys of life, death and rebirth presented in five themes.

Dialectic by Sam R Geraghty

SKU: 978-1-9160447-3-9
  • "A beautiful book, inside and out. Geraghty rivals Robert Graves with his ability to breathe fresh life into classical forms. His words work wonders: he speaks, and a procession of gods, ghosts and maenads take the stage, revealing with heartbreaking clarity the mysteries that lie within the forgotten recesses of the human heart."

    Jack Grayle


    Well written and interesting. The author paints a vivid picture and draws the reader into his world. I found it accessable yet pleasantly challenging on various levels. I look forward to purchasing a follow up. I'd also like to hear it on audible , read by the author , to hear the words as they were written. A Hidden Gem


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