The stories in this book are emotive, and we have no doubt that you will  scowl, smile, laugh and shed the odd tear. However, one thing we are very sure of, is that you will always remember them.

Voices from the Ashes

  • We often forget how fortunate we are as modern Witches and Pagans, there is little danger of imprisonment or death as a result of our beliefs in most enlightened societies. We will never know the true horror of the people, mostly women, who were tortured, tried and executed as Witches, as little remains except the records of the persecutors themselves. This book gives these victims a voice, recreating their stories using a combination of research and the authors imagination. There are 25 short stories with every single one worth reading, each author has researched their chosen Witch to bring them back to life to tell their real story. As modern Pagans we owe a debt to those that went before especially those that lost their lives. We can never say this will not happen again if we do not understand the reality of those times, so this is probably the most important book every Pagan and Witch should read. I consider it essential reading buy it soon!

    Merlyn COA (Children of Artemis)