An anthology of original, fictional stories, compiled and edited by Diane Narraway and Cheryl A Waldron and centred around the Major Arcana. The book features contributions from several different writers, from a variety of different countries. Some of the writers are tarot readers, some are not


We leave it up to you to decide who is and who isn't.


22 Opus Arcana Tales Of the Tarot

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  • This is a remarkably interesting and novel joint venture, which should equally enable old hands at the Tarot to see the cards anew and newcomers to appreciate them for the first time.
    Professor Ronald Hutton, Author/Professor Bristol University


    A surprising collection of compulsively readable vignettes which re-imagines the tarot's major arcana as the magical and mundane adventures of a motley cast of marginalized (and thoroughly relatable) characters."

    Jack Grayle


    "A fabulously presented book, lovely quality and a fascinating read. The tales (truths?) are varied and mesmerising, taking the reader on a journey of discovery. The artwork with each card / story is excellent, giving a unique perspective on each of the Major Arcana cards. A book to treat yourself to, or to buy as a gift".